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....the place where creativity abounds!
butternut squash saltbox house We will be closed on Monday, January 23, 2017.

Got Wools?

Did you know we carry hand-dyed wools exclusively for wool applique projects?
We have got LOTS of patterns & kits with NEW ones being added monthly!  Shut up, right?

Did you know you can find our products in quilt shops across the USA & Canada -- plus Spain, Denmark, UK, France,.
What you may not know is that we do everything in house -- literally.
We are truly a cottage business with a big heart -- a Made in the USA business.
If you call, chances are I will answer the phone. Mitch has probably packed up your order
and Danni has cut your wool.  There's a little love in all our products.

I am humbly grateful for your support, your attention, your time & your appreciation.
I'm feelin' the love......I hope you are as well!
                                                                         phyllis meiring

By the way, we are making some changes within our, you may see some different things going on, please be patient. If you need something and can't seem to find it, give us a call, we'll be happy to help.

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