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There's wooly magic in the air!
in the Patch designs
....Where we Color your World with Creativity!  
Dear You,  
I have been wondering how in the Patch designs can help you during this really uncharted redirected course of humanity.  I asked the Universe and listened.  I talked with Mitch and listened.  Finally, I have some clarity about what I can do.  I will be offering several things to help build your creativity because creativity is the Divine stuff.  Its the work that has made our world and it is what we all do within that world.  So let us keep creating!  Let us create new uses for our time, our money, our resources.  Let us create new ways to communicate using the tools available to us now.  Let us build new bridges.  Let us learn more about who we are and why we do the things we do.  Let us embrace the complexities of our current global situation.  We are altogether truly amazing and are filled with limitless options for being and doing and loving.  I have a number of things I will be doing to offer more options for your journey.

BE sure to checkout my Chillin in the Woods
Quilt project that was featured in the Quilt Sampler winter 2016.  It's 50% off and I pay for your shipping!

There's ALWAYS something going on in the Patch;
including the NEW #charms11!

This such a lovely combination of 11 Wooly Charms.
3 of them are commercially dyed
while the remaining 8 are my hand-dyed solids.
ALL are felted and ready to stitch up some magic!! 
 $29.99 retail and be sure to enter the code
in the box on your left to get 25% off!
Gotta have of them?  CLICK HERE
We've also got Hexagons for those Hexi projects:

Bag of Combo Hexagons

Bag of Light/Brights Hexagons

 Bag of Dark Hexagons

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Got Wools?

  1. Did you know we carry hand-dyed wools exclusively for wool applique projects?
    We have got LOTS of patterns & kits with NEW ones being added monthly!  Shut up, right?

    Did you know you can find our products in quilt shops across the USA & Canada -- plus Spain, Denmark, UK, France,.
    What you may not know is that we do everything in house -- literally.
    We are truly a cottage business with a big heart -- a Made in the USA business.
    If you call, chances are I will answer the phone. Mitch has probably packed up your order
    and Danni has cut your wool.  There's a little love in all our products.

    I am humbly grateful for your support, your attention, your time & your appreciation.
    I'm feelin' the love......I hope you are as well!
                                                                             phyllis meiring

    Wool Q & A
    1.  What does COLORFAST mean?  My undergrad degree is in Communication Studies.  In one of my classes the professor said something that was eternally profound.  She said, "meanings are not in words but in people."  It's true -- which is why it is so important to say what you mean and explain what you mean.  What I mean when I say my wools are COLORFAST I mean that under my recommended care, the colors will not run out of your project. No one can say definitively that any fabric/dye is colorfast under any conditions as there are products/chemicals that can pull all if not some color out; ask any hair color expert or chemical scientist.
    2.  So how do I recommend you care for our wools?  There is no real need to wash my wools before you use them as they are already felted in a process that washes them 3 times, but if after making your project you need to wash them then do so as such:  Either by hand or machine, gentle cycle or easy baby by hand, in cool water, NO BLEACH or harsh detergents, gentle detergent like ALL-free & clear and drying them in a medium heat dryer.  If you've stitched something by hand you might want to consider minimal agitation or tumbling as few enjoy agitation.3.  Cottons have a standard width of 44/45"; do wools have a industry standard width?  I wish.  No they don't.  I've been playing with wools for over 42 years.  I took a Tailoring class at Greenon High School my senior year.  We were supposed to choose a difficult project and make it out of wool.  I choose to make a Pendleton wool trench coat in demin blue with a flannel back lining.  It was awesome!  The width of fabric was 60".  In the time since, I've seen wools range from 48" wide to 72" wide. 4.  What size is a fat quarter of wool?  Well, if you've been playing with quilting cottons you know that a fat quarter of cotton is 18 x 22.  But since wools vary in width there is no industry standard for a fat quarter -- which is why I made up on my own terms for our fabric sizes.  For example, a Corder is 9" x 50", a Chubby is 16" square, Charms are 5" square, our Chunks are 9 x 10" and our Curlers are 4 x 16".  That is the size you receive not the size I started with.

If you have a wool question(s) please feel free to ask.  Write me at: