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Change is the one constant since the waters covered the earth and isn't the blue ball on which we live a beautiful thing to behold?!

We are excited to announce a change at In the Patch Designs!  Phyllis and Mitch have handed over the reins to Michelle Fuller and Paige Hyde. We wish Phyllis and Mitch best wishes on their next adventure and we are beyond ecstatic to serve you and your wool needs at In the Patch Designs!

Here at In the Patch Designs we are inspired  by the beauty of the textures and rich colors that wool provides. We desire to offer creative wool products that inspire and encourage you to create magic with your wool projects!

Got Wools?
Did you know we carry hand-dyed wools exclusively for wool applique projects?

Did you know you can find our products in quilt shops across the USA, Canada, Australia -- plus Spain, Denmark, UK, France,.
What you may not know is that we do everything in house -- literally.
We are truly a cottage business with a big heart -- a Made in the USA business.
There's a little love in all our products.

Wool Q & A
1.  What does COLORFAST mean?  My undergrad degree is in Communication Studies.  In one of my classes the professor said something that was eternally profound.  She said, "meanings are not in words but in people."  It's true -- which is why it is so important to say what you mean and explain what you mean.  What I mean when I say my wools are COLORFAST I mean that under my recommended care, the colors will not run out of your project. No one can say definitively that any fabric/dye is colorfast under any conditions as there are products/chemicals that can pull all if not some color out; ask any hair color expert or chemical scientist.
2.  So how do I recommend you care for our wools?  There is no real need to wash my wools before you use them as they are already felted in a process that washes them 3 times, but if after making your project you need to wash them then do so as such:  Either by hand or machine, gentle cycle or easy baby by hand, in cool water, NO BLEACH or harsh detergents, gentle detergent like ALL-free & clear and drying them in a medium heat dryer.  If you've stitched something by hand you might want to consider minimal agitation or tumbling as few enjoy agitation.  
3.  Cottons have a standard width of 44/45"; do wools have a industry standard width?  I wish.  No they don't.
4.  What size is a fat quarter of wool?  Well, if you've been playing with quilting cottons you know that a fat quarter of cotton is 18 x 22.  But since wools vary in width there is no industry standard for a fat quarter -- which is why we have our own terms for our fabric sizes.  For example, a Corder is 9" x 50", a Chubby is 16" square, Charms are 5" square, our Chunks are 9 x 10" and our Curlers are 4 x 16".  That is the size you receive not the size I started with.

If you have a wool question(s) please feel free to ask.  Write us at: