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                                                                                    2017 BOM (block of the month)      

Please read this carefully.  I will be offering part of this project for free.  What is free is this -- the applique page in a pdf file. Each month I will upload a PDF of that month's block.  You can find it in the Patterns/Kits section of our SHOPPING or you can type BOM in the search box above to see what options are available.  I will upload each month's block beginning on the 1st of the month & it will be removed at midnight on the 10th.  After that it will be available to purchase.  What I would like is for you to share pics on our Facebook page or send me emails of your progress & how you might be making your project.
I've designed this project so that each block is complete -- quilted and bound. You c
an either use each block as is or stitch them together to make a wall-hanging. What i would recommend is complete each block as directed in the kit and put it on display in your home until you complete the next block (little quilt) then at the end of the year, stitch them all together & find a place to display it or wrap it up as an incredible gift to someone next year. Yes, it's a process that you might not be used to but why not step out of the comfortable and expand your talents while blowing your mind?

What is not free is the monthly kits. The kits are $30 each -- we pay for your shipping in the US and Canada folks will pay $3 for shipping (we will pay the rest). Each monthly kit INCLUDES: The batting, the cottons for the backing, background and binding, the wools for the appliques, specialty threads that might be hard to find in your area and the embellishments. You will also get some goodies in the January kit to use throughout the year in other blocks.

There are 2 ways to get a kit. 1. Stop by the shop in Troy, Ohio 2. Or you can order it online from our website. You may also call us (937)552-7912. 
I have all the blocks completely finished so stop by & say hello!  If you like snowmen, whimsies & want to share a sense of completion and progress then this is the project for you.