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in the Patch designs
Mug Rug projects are printed on a 5"x7" postcard and are able to be mailed!! Yes, if you want to surprise a friend, just place a postcard stamp on it and drop it in the mail.  The finished Mug Rug is 5" x 7", made with wools. Mug Rug stands are sold separately.

The “Jump Starter” pack is available for each of the 12 Mug Rugs.  Included in each pack is: 12 Postcard Patterns, 6 Kits, and ours include the Post Card Pattern, 3 of our Table Top Frames that are used to display the finished product, and....a completed model Mug Rug at no cost to you so you don't have to stitch one up for show at the's completed for you!!!